I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid

I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid
Proud To Be A Motor Maid

Friday, November 20, 2015

Why I Ride


Every day that we wake up 6 feet above ground is a GOOD Day! But the things in life that make us smile and give us joy are all different and individual to each of us. That is what makes us unique. Life is what we make it and for many of us we like to live doing what others will never understand. Some of us love the thrill of a mountain and when we see one we want to climb it....even with all the known dangers that come with that sport. For others it is the thrill of the hunt, fishing, riding bulls, being in rodeos, flying airplanes, sky diving, racing cars, or riding horses. All of these have dangers.

Life is full of dangers and you can’t let what might happen stop you from living your life or living your dream. Just the simple act of driving to work has its hazards and dangers as well as just getting out of the bed in the morning. If we lived with the fear of what ifs and what might, then we would be frozen with fear. I know people that live like that. They never have and never will get out of that comfort zone. They live life inside a house in front of a TV. They have never seen a mountain, or a buffalo, or just what our National Park Systems offer us. They are content to live in a 30 mile radius.

For me I have always been drawn to things that move and were a part of something bigger and had history behind them. For me it is old cars and the love of riding motorcycles. The thrill of riding a motorcycle has been with me since I was 15 and jumped on the back of a Harley with a complete stranger. If you don't love riding you can never understand the way those of us that do feel about it. To ride over a Mountain Pass and have the cold air hit you in the face with nothing but what God created in front of you and beside and all around you is an amazing feeling! It is what we dream of....it is our perfect day! To breath in fresh air as you ride through falling leaves on a fall day, to smell the flowers and plants blooming in the spring or feel the heat rise off hot asphalt and hear the roar of motorcycles all around you…it is what we LOVE…there is no way to explain it…I guess the saying says it best “If You Have To Ask You Wouldn’t Understand”. So for all those that fear life you are missing a big part of it.

A few years ago another one of my dreams happened when I became a Motor Maid....the oldest Women's Riding Organization in the U.S. and Canada. I have a family of 1200 or more Sisters. I can go anywhere in the U.S. and Canada and call on them if I need help or just want a place to rest. These are amazing women some in their 80s- and 90s now and still riding! I want to be a part of this.....I am a part of Motorcycle History!

Everyday someone dies in some type of accidents...and yes many on motorcycles. Yes it is a tragic way to die. But it was a wonderful way to live.

Louisiana Motor Maid
Schelley Brown Francis
Motor Maid District Director Of AR/LA/MS 2015

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