I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid

I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid
Proud To Be A Motor Maid

Friday, November 20, 2015

My First Motor Maid Convention Kerrville, TX 2014


Louisiana Red Ribbons Memories
 My Red Ribbon Convention was so amazing.  It was very emotional for me…I kept going to my room and putting my eye makeup back on….I shed so many tears that week. Tears of JOY, Tears of EXCITEMENT, Tears of PRIDE, Tears of ACCOMPLISHMENT, Tears of FRIENDSHIPS new and old....all at my very first Motor Maid Convention the 74th one in Kerrville, Texas...what a privilege and honor to be among some of the great women of Motorcycle History....and to know that in a small way you are also a part of that history.  My husband Danny enjoyed it as much as I did and we are both still talking about it!  Just hope we can get off work to make it to Canada….that work sure gets in the way of our FUN!   Schelley Brown Francis Louisiana Motor Maid “District Director AR/LA/MS”

2014 Convention in Kerrville, Texas made Motor Maids real for this Red Ribbon.  From the welcome meeting through to the final hour made an impression on me of the devotion ladies before me have preserved.  This is the most organized motorcycle club I have ever been involved in.  Leave it to ladies to do a professional job of organizing.  Convention made me realize my importance and responsibility to live up to the History of the Motor Maids.  My most memorable moment at the convention as a Red Ribbon was…. when a Red Ribbon from last year presented me with one of the wooden medallions.  I asked her to sign it, and now it is more special.  A suggestion I have for all of my sisters as a Motor Maid is, go ahead and book a room with 2 beds.  Don’t worry that you have no one to share with you; put the word out, you will get a roommate and build a bond with a new friend.  I know I did.   Sylvia Bailey Louisiana Motor Maid

My red ribbon experiences at the 74th Annual Motor Maid Convention in Kerrville Texas. Let me start by saying I've ridden for a few years but this was the longest distance I had ridden. With a little anxiety and apprehension my ride began. I learned several things at this convention most important what it really means to be a Motor Maid…as well as what it's not.  I was amazed at the women who rode so very well, impressed and surprised by their experience and humbleness. There's so many I would like to mention… but the skillful confidence of one of the Texas ladies (Sharon) had me planning the next rider course I would take.  I thought that's what my paragraph would be about… until my riding partner left me in Houston and two of my sister Motor Maids (GA real life sisters Kim H. and Pam S.) quickly reassured me it was ok and they would be right there with me.  Our travel was delayed by the traffic and weather and they gladly shared a room. We rode together for the next couple hundred miles until our paths parted.  Karen McLelland Louisiana Motor Maid

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