I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid

I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid
Proud To Be A Motor Maid

Friday, November 20, 2015

Motor Maids In Cajun Country Memorial Day Weekend 2013

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TN, LA, MI Girls Getting Ready To Roll
What A Group Of Amazing Women Riders and Sisters Of The Road

Our Motor Maid Men Are The Best
Motor Maids from across the U.S. came to join the AR/LA/MS District event.

The fun began Thursday night for a few that gathered at DD Schelley Brown Francis’ home for supper and overnight stay.  Tennessee girls; Angie Pope Graves, Andrea Higginbotham, Shirley Gene Barbee and their security team Jack and Jerry arrived first at what we like to call Francis Castle followed by Michigan Motor Maids Jennifer Dwyer and Beverly Woods.  (LA) Kathey Day and (LA) Miram Hennigan with her security man and our new district recruit Judy Shipp Hall joined us for supper.  After supper an evening of settling in and a little rest and relaxation was in store for our road weary travelers.  We had 7 overnight guests at Francis Castle. 
By 9 am we were on the road to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.  Our first stop was to meet up Judi and Kathey about 20 miles away and our second stop was near Natchitoches, LA to pick up Doris Love (AR) and her security man and Becky Ham (LA) along with a friend that was riding in a chase wagon.
We had a total of 14 motorcycles of all makes and models in our little convoy to South Louisiana.  We made some great time arriving at our destination around noon.  Bayou Cabins was perfect.  Some of the girls had arrived a day earlier and many were pulling in as we unloaded our bikes and checking in.  We ended up with almost 50 people in Breaux Bridge for the event!  When we cranked all those bikes they sure knew it too!  
Our first meal was at the famous Pat's Fisherman's Wharf in Henderson, Louisiana.  This was a huge place and they had us seated in a big dance hall overlooking the bayou and some alligators!  It was fun to see the girls dine on Cajun Food!  We had a great first night.  
Saturday morning started with breakfast at the Bayou Cabins.  Hogs head cheese, cracklins, and boudin were just a few of the items to order on the menu.  Afterward we posed for our big group picture under a huge crawfish, with a total of 27 Motor Maids and  11 states  Represented:  Schelley Brown Francis DD (LA), Miram Hennigan (LA), Kathey Day (LA), Becky Ham (LA), Ida Lirette (LA), Angelica Lirette (LA), Karen Acosta (LA), Judi Hall (LA) Newest Louisiana Member, Yolie Donley (MS),  Joanne King (MS), Doris Love (AR),  Kim Hathcock (GA), Terri Morgan (GA), Reini Campbell (GA), Angie Graves Motor Maid Historian (TN), Andrea House Higginbotham (TN), Shirley Gene (TN), Dawn Loomis (TN), Connie Thomas (TN), Beverly Woods (MI),  Jennifer Dwyer (MI), Jeannine Smallwood DD (IN), Kathy Knaak (KY), Genevieve Cooke DD (AL), Donna PJ Thompson (AL), Pearl Coursen DD (OH), Cindy Ranger Lady Gillman DD (AZ).   We set our GPS systems and picked a few road captains for our trip to Avery Island about an hour from Breaux Bridge.  TABASCO® brand products are made by McIlhenny Company, founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. To this day, the company is still family-owned and operated on that very same site. We made an impressive line of 40 plus motorcycles in the gravel parking lot.  We shopped at the very nice Tabasco store, tasted jalapeno ice cream among other foods inside the store.  They had some great spots just to sit and rest a bit before we toured the factory.  Once inside the factory we learned the history of the McIlhenny family that started the company and still owns the company today.  We were then able to go inside and see where it is actually produced and shipped to every country in the world.  We learned every bottle sold is shipped and bottled right here in Louisiana at this 150 year old factory.
After that some of us decided to head out on their own while others went to St. Martinville Cajun Zydeco and Okra Festival.  We had a blast dancing in the street and eating pork chop sandwiches.  We even had our picture taken with the mayor and filmed by the local TV station.  We made an impression everywhere we went!
Then back to the cabins and more crawfish and crabs from the little place next door to start off the evening.  We played a little Left Right Center game.  Talk about competitive; the pot was won by Terri Morgan (GA).  Some of the ladies had never played or seen this game....so we had some great fun. 
Dinner was at the famous Mulate’s now Pont Breaux’s Restaurant (talk about good) plus more French Cajun music and dancing.  The evening ended back at the cabins with door prizes to give away, future events were discussed, and just a great end to the day. High mileage award went to AZ DD Cindy Gillman with over 1400 miles one way from her home in Arizona.  Cindy would put 3442 miles on her bike before she made it home the following Friday.  Pearl Coursen (OH) was in 2nd place.
Some of our sisters had to leave out on Sunday morning but we still had a good group for Sunday activities.  We headed downtown after our breakfast at the cabins just to see what we was open.  Of course we had to stop in at the world famous Café’ Des Amis for a little live music and beignets.  After a short break and cool air in Café des Amis some of us headed back to Henderson for our Atchafalaya Basin Swamp Tour.  Our guide was Mr. Curtis a true man of the swamp and a perfect gentleman. He told us the history of the basin with a little Cajun humor to go along with it.  For the ladies that wanted to get the feel of what Cajun is, Mr. Curtis was a perfect example for that, with his thick French Cajun accent.  
What a weekend of getting to meet some sisters we had only chatted with through Facebook.  It was a moving experience for me.  It made me see how important my job of district director is and it also did the same thing for my husband Danny.  He was just as excited as I was to have all those people there and to be able to get to know them.  He is still talking about it and can't wait until the next Motor Maid Trip. 

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