I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid

I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Motor Maid Duck Dynasty Weekend 2013

Get Your Quack On Motor Maid Style

Motor Maids Get Their Quack On At Duck Dynasty Weekend In West Monroe, LA

With 22 Motor Maids and 11 Motor Maid Security and Maintenance Men and a guest or two, West Monroe, LA event was well attended by members from eight states including VA, LA, TX, NC, AL, GA, TN, and MS.  Some of the group arrived on Thursday, while most arrived on Friday in time to make it to dinner at a local Catfish place.  After dinner a lot of Quacking (laughter and talk) was shared by all in the hotel lobby.  Many had never met and a few were newer Motor Maids so it was a great time to meet and great after dinner. 

The next morning we were up early…our first stop was Haskell’s Donuts Shop for a Ducks and Donuts stop…Haskell’s is owned by John Godwin’s sister. (Godwin of Duck Dynasty Show)  This shop has been featured in a few episodes of the show and is a must do when in West Monroe.  Next stop the Duck Commander Buck Commander warehouse and store, a few blocks away.  Lots of photo opportunities were made here plus some shopping to get our DUCK fix on.  After this a few ventured to local motorcycle dealerships, before our next scheduled meal at Willie’s Diner. 

For lunch we had reservations at Willie’s Diner a new Duck Dynasty themed HOT SPOT for West Monroe.  They don’t take reservations normally but I was able to convince them to do this for 30 hungry Motor Maids and our men folks.  The place was great and the service was too.  I think all enjoyed their meal and the atmosphere of the restaurant.  Of course another group photo was taken outside, before we parted ways again.

The weather was cold and a few opted out for our next stop of Landry Vineyards.  The ones that rode out to the winery enjoyed the short side trip.  After a brief stay here we made it back for a quick rest at the hotel before our dinner and awards at Warehouse # 1.  We had several very high mileage riders for this trip.  The VA ladies really wanted to win that mileage award.  Bonnie Shelley was the winner with 1475 miles; Beverly Williamson with 1348 and Dianne Gardner with 1305 were the top three.  We had many Motor Maids with 400-800 miles in attendance.  Knowing that the weather was not going to be our friend on Saturday night and Sunday we opted to cancel going to church on Sunday morning. We all really regretted not being able to do this.  Due to the rain a few folks decided to stay over until the weather cleared and didn’t make it out of Louisiana until Monday.  But the ones that did leave out in the driving rain on Sunday all make it home safe and sound but very, very wet.

The following message is from our newest LA Motor Maid Karen McLelland.  This was Karen’s first Motor Maid event.

I learned three things this weekend; By Karen McLelland
1. It's hard to pull your big girl pants up when you're boots are full of rainwater and you're soaking wet, but I did it.
2. Chapstick really isn't that necessary when you ride a motorcycle and its pouring rain.
3. I should've joined the Motor Maids years ago when my good friend Edna first told me about them. What a group of amazing ladies. I’ve been going through bits of conversation in my head from the past weekend all morning. Brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. So looking forward to the next event.

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