I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid

I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Mena, Arkansas October 2013

In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall

Motor Maid Weekend In Mena, Arkansas was a little on the wet side to say the least!  But I still call it a very successful and fun filled weekend with 25 Motor Maids in attendance from AR, LA, TX, AL, TN, GA, OK, OH, KY and 9 MM Security.  We were honored to have three National Officers travel to Arkansas to be with us for the rainy weekend, Susan Gibson (OH), Ginny Windley (TX) and Angie Graves (TN).  We also had 3 visiting DDs, Laura Goldenschue (TX), Charlotte Goebel (OK) and Genevieve Cooke (AL).
Friday we traveled from Sibley, LA to Old Washington, Arkansas State Park to eat lunch at the historic “Williams Tavern Restaurant”, circa 1832.  We added 5 more to our party for lunch and a quick look at what Old Washington has to offer.  We toured  the 1874 Hempstead County Courthouse Museum where we picked up our souvenir patch.  We had photo ops outside the courthouse before we headed to see the historic Magnolia Tree planted in 1839.  After a few more photos we were off to Mena with 17 motorcycles now in our group.

The Mena Moutain Resort was PERFECT for a great bunch of Motor Maids to gather.  It worked out even better than expected, when the Saturday unexpected %30 chance of showers turned into %100 percent hard rain!  What an amazing find this place is. 
            We had some really high mileage travelers for this event: Connie Thomas (TN) rode a 1027 and Diane Marum (GA) 1038 since they came to LA first and then on to AR.  Winner of the longest direct distance from their home to Mena went to Mary Ellen Binns (OH) with 971 miles!  A few more honorable mentions went to Sandi Pierce (KY) 832 miles, Susan Gibson (OH) with 823, and many with over 500. Way to roll ladies, I really appreciated all of your efforts to make this a great weekend!

            We enjoyed great food, great fun and as always great friends, newer Motor Maids were able to meet some longtime members and hear some amazing stories.  I hope everyone was able to take with them the fact that it isn’t always about the riding (since we didn’t get to do any) but it’s about the sisterhood we share.  We were able to sit all day and a good part of Saturday night and just visit with each other and really get to talk.  We were able to play games, have contest and even dance a little all under one really big roof.

            I am happy to say that on Sunday morning I was told it was the perfect weekend and that it was meant to be by more than one person.  I think they were right… we really did have a great time.  I think we will try it again next year and if we do… you sure don’t want to miss it!    Schelley Brown Francis (AR/LA/MS) DD

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