I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid

I Am A Louisiana Motor Maid
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Maids On The Mountain 2014

Maids On The Mountain 2014
AR/LA/MS District First Annual Maids On The Mountain

Mountains, Museum, Mather Lodge, Motorcycles and Motor Maids were just some of the elements that made up the first annual “Maids on the Mountain” old time Field Meet and games.  With 35 Motor Maids, some additional Motor Maid security made up over 50 people that were in attendance.  Most everyone arrived on Friday even thru some bad rain delays… I had my own delay of getting hit at a red light in Magnolia, Arkansas and totaling out my bike plus a trip to ER via ambulance…but once I was released Danny, Cindy and PJ looked at me and said, “What do you want to do?”  I said, “We have folks waiting on us”….so we were again on our way.   I was blessed to have my husband; Danny along with Cindy Gillman from AZ and Donna PJ Thompson from AL with me that morning.  Someone up above was definitely watching over all of us.  PJ had woken up Friday morning with a terrible headache and was in my car and not on her bike… so that was meant to be for sure….Cindy had just taken a motorcycle accident course…so that was meant to be too!  If I had not been able to just to get in my car with someone else driving, I am not sure what would have happened with the weekend.    

We made it to Mather Lodge about 7 P.M. which was about 6 hours later than I had planned.  Once we walked through the door of the lodge I was wrapped up in Motor Maid LOVE and TEARS!  You know you are loved when Motor Maids run toward you and grab you crying because they love you and they are glad you are walking and talking!  I love these ladies and their security men too.  It was an emotional weekend for me and I tried not to cry but I did several times.  (I really cried when I returned home on Sunday and saw that empty spot in the garage where my bike always sits.)

Saturday morning we were up and at it early for breakfast and then to the Museum of Automobiles for our group photo and our group tour of the museum.  I have been involved with the Museum of Automobiles for a number of years and served on the board of MOTAA for most of that time.  These guys were great to allow us to use the fresh mowed show field, they helped me out tremendously by getting supplies that were needed weeks earlier and taking them down to the filed for us….they even had a golf cart for me to use since I was supposed to be sitting down.  Museum director and MTOAA representative Buddy Holzeman, his son and grandson were very pleased with our turnout and were in high hopes that we would continue this event every year!....  GUESS WHAT?  WE ARE!  I had always said I would not do a repeat event because there is just so much to see in our three states…..but this event was different….it was fun, we rode, we had a good time, and we brought back and recreated that piece of history of old time Motor Maid and Motorcycle events!  To me that is what it is all about preserving our history and continuing the traditions!

From the slow race, the board ride, the blindfolded rides for three wheelers, the egg drop and a few new ones like golf, and the rat race…just to name a few….all were FUN and I saw some pretty big smiles on EVERYONES faces.  It was just as much fun to watch for the ones that didn’t participate.  I even had a few that said “NEXT YEAR I WILL PLAY!”  

We had 27 Ladies competing in the games.  The winners were divided up in two classes; TWO WHEELS & MORE THAN TWO WHEELS.  The winners of the Two Wheel class were Angie Graves from TN 1st place, Pam Wheeler TX 2nd place, Susan Kennedy TN 3rd place.  MORE THAN TWO WHEEL winners were as follows Kim Hathcock GA 1st place, Deborah Nugget Taylor 2nd place and Vicki Meader AL 3rd place.  But in my opinion everyone was a WINNER! 

Long Distance Award went to Cindy Gillman AZ with 1646 miles one way!  We had AL, TN, FL, MS, AR, LA, TX, GA, OK, KY represented!

So make plans now to come to “Maids On The Mountain” 2015!  We’re gonna have a BLAST!

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